One Day in One Line

Ok … So … before I post my “One Line” I’d like to qualify a thing or three.
First – This is my VERY First blog entry EVER in life.
Second – It (this blog entry) is prompted by an assignment for a particular college course I’m taking.
Finally – I haven’t started the core entry yet and already … THIS IS … AWESOME (in my Kung Fu   Panda voice)!

Here goes …
Though I love to learn new things, I usually labor to read.  To be honest, were it not for the fact that I am taking a few college courses I probably would rarely (if ever) take the time to sit down and read for the sake of reading.  Nevertheless, there is one thing that I came across that I found fun and intriguing and I am hooked on it.  It is called “one-line stories”.  I know, I know … there are some of you out there saying “Well duh!  He is not a read enthusiast so his new passion is reading something that takes all of seconds”.   I guess I deserve that one but I really find it as fascinating and difficult to put such thought and content into a mere sentence as I do to put them in an entire book.  What’s more, I totally acknowledge the FACT that reading is a GOOD thing and I need to do more of it.  But I have to start somewhere and where better to start than with something I think is way cool?

So with that …
I decided to make my first blog about creating a one-liner to sum up your day, thus posting a one-line story.  Here’s mine for yesterday:

“A startling blare to remind me that I’m still alive, followed by a ritual of driving, striving, being driven, living and making a living til once again the spin calms to still.”

Give it a shot.  Who knows.  You may just like it!


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