He_She Ain’t Heavy

In the everyday rat race to reaching the plateau of success, I cram to understand why some feel the necessity to tread on others in their climb to the top or race to the finish. I mean … in the highway and mountain of life, there are many lanes and rock faces. How hard is it to signal to pass or alter your climbing venue to go around those moving a little slower than you are? Is it not fool-hearty to choose to run them over or snatch them down?

I’d say of course it is. In my experience, I have found it substantially more rewarding to “pay it forward” by making a point not to progress at the expense of someone else. Better yet, rather than running someone off the road during your travels or yanking someone’s ankle during your climb, try bringing them along for the ride or rise. Help one another. Each one, teach one. Prop either leaning side. Who knows, you might enjoy the company and the load may be lighter than you think.


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