Weird Eats

Do any of youins have a particular dish that you love to make (and yes … eat) that is as weird as all get-out?  My guess is that you do.  As a matter of fact, I can’t think of anyone in my inner circle that doesn’t have a weird favorite dish they love to prepare and hork down in a matter of seconds.

My favorite weird dish is a breakfast dish and is actually not that outlandish if you really think about it.  Still, it is certainly not the typical thing you’d want to curl up too in the morning nook.  To prepare:

Scramble 3 or so eggs (depending on your appetite) to your liking (I like to sauté seasoning blend in mine) and plate it.  Next, brown 3 parts sausage (loaf) to one part ground beef, season and pile it on the eggs.  Top this with salsa (potency of your choosing).  Top that with a few Mt. Olive Jalapeno disks (see where I’m going with this?), dollop the heap with sour cream and VOILA!!!!  I call it “A Load-A-Crap”.  Bon-A-Petit!


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