Random Acts of Kindness

So I was exploring “The Daily Post” today and checked out the “prompts” link. Today’s prompt is entitled “The Kindness of Strangers” and it offers the lead-in “When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!”. Mine was just last week …

On Friday of last week, Montgomery Alabama was blessed (yes it’s a blessing) with some rain. It didn’t decide to come down until after lunch time (I was at work) and luckily I had my nice HUGE golf umbrella in with me (no … I’m not a golfer. I just need the big umbrella). When I pulled up in the parking lot, I spotted a slot relatively close to the building. I parked the vehicle, opened the door, stuck the umbrella out over my head, deployed it and exited the vehicle. As I drew closer to the building, I noticed a man run to the narrow overhang which barley covers the entrance into the building on that side. He ran because he did not bring his umbrella and even though he ran, he got noticeably wet. Now for the act of kindness. Instead of the man hurrying in the building, he held the door for me … yeah … the wet guy held the door for the guy with the huge umbrella. This despite the fact that he was actually still kinda getting wetter because the foyer was so small. When I noticed he was waiting for me, I started to trot towards the doors. Guess what he said? … “No … no … take your time”. AMAZING!


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