About Me

Ken bnw

Well what can I say … ? I was born and raised in a patch of woods about 60 miles south of Tuscaloosa called Coatopa. I am a retired Air Force member after 20 years – 3 months – and 15 days of active service, a Disabled Veteran and I am currently employed at Maxwell Air Force Base/Gunter Annex as an IT Specialist (Software Test Manager) for the Department of the Air Force/Civil Service. I have a beautiful 18 year old daughter who is my reason for living. I lay claim to no strengths other than a general level of discipline as it pertains to sticking to a regimented curriculum (thanks to my past military experience). That, and I fancy myself as having an attentive ear (;-)). I joined the Air Force directly out of High School and though I amassed sum 140+ college creditable hours there, I never tried my luck at a formal post-secondary school of learning. That is precisely how I ended up with this blog as it was initially part of one of my summer classes. I had such a blast learning kewl things in the world of blogging, I decided to keep the blog space after the class was completed. I’m loving the journey.


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