Cottage for Sale …

So I once watched a documentary on the legendary Chuck Berry. Though the documentary in its entirety was riveting, I found the final impromptu performance most entertaining. This is music in it’s rawest and purest form. Enjoy!


Sanford Sings All of Me

Here is another one of my favorite ditties performed by Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) featuring the legendary Scatman (Benjamin Sherman Crothers), “All Of Me”.

What Students Really Need to Hear

My daughter starts college in the Fall. I could not help but reblog this. Major kudos to author – C. Mielke


It’s 4 a.m.  I’ve struggled for the last hour to go to sleep.  But, I can’t.  Yet again, I am tossing and turning, unable to shut down my brain.  Why?  Because I am stressed about my students.  Really stressed.  I’m so stressed that I can only think to write down what I really want to say — the real truth I’ve been needing to say — and vow to myself that I will let my students hear what I really think tomorrow.

This is what students really need to hear:

First, you need to know right now that I care about you. In fact, I care about you more than you may care about yourself.  And I care not just about your grades or your test scores, but about you as a person. And, because I care, I need to be honest with you. Do I have permission to be…

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